Insect Trivia – Beetles

  1. One fourth of all known animal and plant species are beetles.  There are over 333,000 types of beetles.
  2. The largest of all insects is the Goliath Beetle.  It grows up to 4.4 inches long and weighs up to 3.5 ounces.
  3. The longest beetle lives in South America it reaches lengths of over 6 inches.
  4. Some beetles are smaller than some single celled protozoa.
  5. The Bombardier beetle’s defense is to shoot acid at its attacker.  It is capable of accurately shooting over 500 pulses of 100 degree centigrade acid per second.
  6. South African natives use the toxin from certain leaf beetles to make poisonous arrows.
  7. Some beetles have been used for many medicinal purposes including tooth aches, skin growth removal, and as a diuretic.
  8. Fireflies are actually beetles, as are lady bugs and some weevils.
  9. Rhinoceros Beetles are considered one of the strongest animals on Earth.  They can carry 40 times their own weight for up to 30 minutes without getting fatigued.

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