Hello and thank you for visiting Horne’s website.

We at Horne’s sincerely appreciate the opportunity to make this impression upon you. Horne’s Pest Control started right here in Augusta, Georgia, in 1966 and our roots run deep in this community. We live by a simple motto: Treat every home like it were you own and every customer like they were your best friend’s mother”. Our technicians are security screened and receive extensive training. We are proud to have had more technicians attend Clemson University’s Pest Control School, Clemson University’s Termite Control School and The University of Georgia’s Structural Pest Control Training Program than any other company in the area. We believe “in the aptitude of the applicator,” and we stand by our training with the most comprehensive and longest warranties offered for both termite and pest control.

In short – Horne’s Pest Control is a customer service company and our service just happens to be pest control.

I invite you to please visit our pages and read through our programs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our office.

Thank You,
David Horne