Residential Pest Control in Augusta, GA

Horne’s 4-Way Pest Stopper Keeps Insects Out For Year-Round Peace of Mind

Horne’s Pest Control has a multi-step approach to keeping unwanted pests out of your home. Our 4-Way Pest Stopper home pest control process starts with a thorough inspection and divides your property into four treatment zones. Our proven pest control services keep your home pest-free over time and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our pest control services are available in Augusta, North Augusta, Aiken, Evans, Grovetown, and Martinez.

Horne's Pest Control treatment targets

Zone 1: Crawl Space Treatment

First, we inspect your crawl space for signs of bugs and termite colonies and provide a targeted application to the plumbing entrance areas. In addition, we perform a general application at the perimeter sill line and at the insulation.

Zone 2: Exterior Perimeter Treatment

The second entry zone is the exterior perimeter. We target the areas where bugs are most likely to enter your home. We provide a granular and liquid insecticide application around the outside of your home. This includes in and under the mulch bed, the foundation base of your home, and several feet out into your shrubbery beds and grass area. Any time you see a critter, give us a call for additional inspection.

Zone 3: Home Interior Treatment

By performing an interior inspection, we determine if there are any bugs in your home. Interior treatment will be a safeguard against any new pest infestations and will also stop any that may be present. Therefore, you can rest assured that your home in the Augusta, Georgia area is protected.

On the interior of your home, we perform a crack and crevice treatment in the kitchen and bathrooms. This includes plumbing and electrical chases, in and around the appliances and motor housings, and between the cabinets and walls.

As per our home pest control services, we also provide general surface treatments to target areas such as baseboards, door entrance areas, fire place bases, etc. when needed.

Zone 4: Attic TreatmentPest control expert spraying pesticide

The fourth zone is the attic – which is serviced by the application of bait granules and or insecticidal dust around the soffit and gable vents. We can and do provide limited surface treatments in this area as needed.

This works well because most insects will either crawl across the flower beds, into your crawl space and enter your home or come up with the foundation and come in through entrance doors or windows.

The other main method of entry is from trees or your roof into your attic and down into the living area. By placing our products in these areas, we are able to prevent many of these bugs from getting inside.

Horne’s 4-Way Pest Stopper Warranty

All of our pest services include at least a four-month warranty. In the unlikely event that we need to return for a repeat service during the warranty period, We’ll work with you to schedule the treatment services within the next day. We also offer extensive termite control services to residents in the Augusta GA area. For a full list of our professional services, call 1-888-467-6378 or fill out the form to the right and get help from our residential pest control experts in no time!

Pest control expert preparing pesticide hose

It’s your yard – Enjoy it!

The challenge with lawn pest control is the never-ending supply of new insects. Fleas and ticks can be constantly introduced to your yard by squirrels and birds and a variety of other animals. In addition trailing ants will regularly forage from outside of the yard and look for weakness in the treatment.

Horne’s employs a variety of effective strategies to meet these challenges. We treat yards later in the day to avoid the sun’s heat. We use a combination of granules and liquids to give you immediate and long term results that work. This multi-layered approach also helps us stop the insects while in their different stages of life. See for yourself why residents of Augusta, Georgia have trusted our home pest control experts for all time!

If you are looking for effective home pest control, contact Horne’s Pest Control today at 1-888-467-6378 to learn more about residential pest control in Augusta, Georgia!

Wildlife Control Recommendation in Augusta, Georgia

While we do not offer wildlife control as one of our services, we highly recommend Final Trace Wildlife in Augusta, Georgia. They will get rid of your unwanted guests safely and humanely in no time! They offer clean up, damage repairs, and they work with insurance companies for animal damage repair claims. Visit their website for a full list of services.


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