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Mosquitos Can Be a Serious Health Threat

close-up photo of mosquito on human skin

Some researchers believe that mosquitoes are responsible for about half of all human deaths that have occurred since the beginning of time and more than all other causes of death combined. This has made mosquito control become not only a luxury, but a necessity for your family’s safety.

Even today, Malaria infects about 250 million people annually with more than a million cases resulting in death. West Nile Virus outbreaks appear to be on the rise and its spread is directly linked to mosquitoes. While mosquitoes are much less of a threat to our health here in the US, some entomologists believe that global warming could lead to a worldwide increase in diseases carried by insects.

Mosquitoes can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and their loved ones. Just one bite can transmit a disease carried by the mosquito. If your property in Augusta, GA is suffering from a mosquito infestation it’s time to call our mosquito control professionals today. We offer a variety of mosquito services to treat your yard and keep your home or business safe.

Understanding Mosquitoes Helps Us to Control Them

There are about 175 species of mosquitoes found in the U.S. They grow from eggs to adults in about 5-14 days. They need water to breed but it does not need to be a lot of water. Standing water in common items such as old tires, abandoned buckets, or bird feeders can serve as ideal breeding grounds. This is where Horne’s Mosquito Control service comes in to eliminate breeding at the source.

Close up photo of a mosquito on human skin

Females lay up to 300 eggs at a time and a female mosquito will typically lay eggs three times during her lifespan. The mosquito lifespan is usually less than 2 months and males may live only 10 days or less.

Mosquitoes mainly feed on plant and fruit nectar, but the female needs protein from blood in order to develop and lay eggs. That is why female mosquitoes bite people and male mosquitoes do not.

Most mosquitoes cannot fly very far (1-3 miles) nor very fast (1-1½ mph). As a result, most mosquitoes will remain within several hundred feet from their breeding ground and where they are hatched. Mosquito control acts to neutralize any possible breeding grounds within a substantial radius around your home

Mosquitoes can generally detect a host from a distance of about 100 feet or less. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, lactic acid and octanol in our breath and sweat, and the heat and humidity that surrounds our bodies.

Our Richmond County Mosquito Control Services:

  • Larvicide application to bodies of standing water
  • Apply liquid insecticide to harborage areas
  • Apply mosquito misting treatments to shrubbery
  • Install a Mosquito Trap which targets adults and the larvae

Don’t let Mosquitoes ruin your summer nights!

There are many ways that people use to try to repel mosquitoes. These include dryer sheets, vitamin B, candles, bug lights, etc. Most of these strategies have either been proven ineffective to marginally effective by the CDC. At Horne’s Pest Control Company in Augusta, we have proven methods and services for mosquito control.

We use a multi-step process to control mosquitoes

  1. We empty any items in your yard that are holding water and apply a larvicide to any large body of standing water in which mosquitoes can breed and larvae survive.
  2. We apply a liquid insecticide to the low shrub and grassy areas in which the mosquitoes might seek shelter from the heat of the day. It is also important to provide this treatment during the heat of the day when most mosquitoes are resting.
  3. We apply a mosquito treatment to the bottoms of the plant leaves that mosquitoes feed on.

Our three-step mosquito control process will provide excellent control around your home for several weeks. The adult mosquitoes are killed where they rest and feed and the larvae are killed where they live.

Since a mosquito will not generally travel more than a few hundred feet and can only detect a human from up to a hundred feet away, a proper application in and around a home’s landscape is very effective.

In addition to the above treatment, we also place a mosquito control canister in your yard. This supplement aids in controlling the mosquito population by both killing the adults but also killing the larvae. See for yourself why the people of Richmond County trust us with all of their mosquito needs time and time again!

Our comprehensive mosquito control services pricing:

  • 7 Month Season: $840.00

If you are a current customer and would like to add mosquito control service, we ask that you please call our office for bundle pricing. We look forward to serving all of your mosquito needs in Augusta and the surrounding areas!

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